Gratitude: Bringing Awareness to the Positives in Life

It’s been a long day at the hospital, and you’re finally getting home. You’re tired, you barely have the energy to shower and eat. Your mind keeps wandering back to that procedure you weren’t able to complete, that plan you didn’t flesh out as well as you wanted to, the wrong answer you gave toContinue reading “Gratitude: Bringing Awareness to the Positives in Life”

When You’ve Got Too Much on Your Plate: Mindful Eating

How do you eat? It’s a strange question: we usually ask ourselves what we’re eating, when we’re eating, or where we’re eating, but we don’t often wonder how we’re eating. How we eat, though, might be key in our feelings of food enjoyment and satiety. It could influence food cravings, emotional eating, and weight loss.Continue reading “When You’ve Got Too Much on Your Plate: Mindful Eating”

Becoming Mindful of our own Biases

Implicit bias can be thought of as the space that exists between our unconscious attitudes and assumptions and our conscious belief systems. In medicine, this unconscious bias can be a powerful determinant of the quality of care that we provide to a given patient. As medical trainees, we receive countless lectures on the importance ofContinue reading “Becoming Mindful of our own Biases”