Mindful Political Engagement

It is a common misconception that to be mindful is to never feel outrage, or never have strong responses to what is going on around us; and if one does get upset or angry, that is evidence that they are not mindful. This notion fails to capture what being mindful actually means. Mindfulness is notContinue reading “Mindful Political Engagement”

Emotional Support, Empathy, and Relating: A Mindful Perspective

Not too long ago, I found myself speaking to a patient about their recent cancer diagnosis. It was their first clinic visit in oncology, and the principal goal of the discussion was to clarify the different treatment options for this new-found invasive disease. It was a challenging encounter; I wanted to be a point ofContinue reading “Emotional Support, Empathy, and Relating: A Mindful Perspective”

Starting the day with Mindfulness

It’s 6:00 AM. Your alarm clock starts ringing and you grab your phone to turn it off. Immediately, you begin to scroll through Instagram, then Facebook, then all the rest of your social media accounts. Soon enough, you’re checking your emails, and you happen to glance at the time. 6:34 AM. Oh gosh, going toContinue reading “Starting the day with Mindfulness”