Episode #19: Medical Assistance in Dying, Wellbeing and Emergency Medicine – tying it all together with Dr. Singh-Saluja

Dr. Singh-Saluja is an Emergency Physician at the McGill University Health Centre. He completed his undergraduate medical training at McGill and went on to complete his residency in Family Medicine with additional training in Emergency Medicine at McGill. To date, his work has varied from time in the Intensive Care Unit, practicing Northern Medicine in Puvirnituq and treating patients in sports medicine. As a former chief of Emergency Medicine, he continues to be heavily involved in residency training at McGill. More recently, Dr. Singh has become involved in administration of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), forming the basis of our conversation in this podcast. Outside of medicine, Dr. Singh-Saluja is a lover of sports including soccer, football and kayaking, an avid gym goer and passionate about spending time with his family.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • 1:20 The best advice Dr. Singh has received during training
  • 6:50 Defining MAID and how it lends agency
  • 3:30 How Dr. Singh became involved in MAID
  • 9:10 Clarifying track 1 and 2 in Quebec
  • 10:30 Myths and misconceptions about MAID, distinguishing it from assisted suicide
  • 12:45 How Dr. Singh approaches and prepares for a MAID assessment
  • 14:25 Difficulties that can arise with MAID
  • 17:15 Alternatives to MAID
  • 18:55 Distinguishing between palliative sedation and MAID
  • 20:55 How Dr. Singh views MAID considering religion
  • 22:00 Practices that help Dr. Singh stay well when providing MAID
  • 23:10 What Dr. Singh does to stay well more generally
  • 27:15 What the pandemic taught Dr. Singh about work-life balance
  • 29:15 Anecdotes that illustrate the importance of self-care
  • 30:10 How to talk to our colleagues about needing time off for yourself
  • 31:15 The importance of recognizing that “wellness” is individual

This podcast episode was hosted by Zoe O’Neill, a fourth-year medical student at McGill and leader of the Mindful Medical Learner initiative and guest co-host, Rachel Szwimer. Rachel is a fourth-year medical student at McGill University. She completed both her B. Sc. in Physiology and M. Sc. at McGill University. She is passionate about community and student wellness through art. She also has an academic interests in medical education and clinical research.

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