Episode #20 Finding yourself in Medicine: A conversation with Dr. Asli Buyukkurt

Dr. Asli Buyukkurt is a fourth year resident in Neurology at McGill. Dr. Buyukkurt completed a B.Sc. in neuroscience and went on to pursue her medical training at McGill University. She has a profound interest in medical education. In addition to acting as the co-chief resident in Adult Neurology, Dr. Buyukkurt lectures and leads group discussions in the Faculty of Medicine. She has also been involved in the CaRMS selection process, and discusses her experiences, both as an applicant and as a reviewer in this episode of our podcast. Beyond medicine, Dr. Buyukkurt is a tap, jazz, and hip-hop dancer and a paint-by-number enthusiast.

In this podcast we discuss: 

1:43 – Dr. Buyukkurt’s journey into medicine

4:23 – Palliative care in the Neurology residency curriculum

6:12 – Choosing Palliative Care as an elective 

8:17 – Navigating uncertainty with patients

10:25 – Finding meaning in your specialty

10:58 – Medical education and near-peer teaching in Neurology

17:09 – Small group learning at McGill University

19:05 – Developing a professional identity 

21:33 – Dr. Buyukkurt’s thoughts on teaching

23:28 – Dr. Buyukkurt’s perspective on prioritizing wellness 

30:09 – Navigating peer anxiety during CaRMS

32:52 – Dr. Buyukkurt’s experience with CaRMS couples matching

42:30 – Finding the right person-environment fit

44:49 – Final thoughts from Dr. Buyukkurt

This podcast was created and produced by Jill Caplan and Ana Clouatre, current McGill Medical students and members of the Mindful Medical Learner Team. Show notes were written by Jill Caplan and edited by Zoe O’Neill.

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