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Podcast #20: Finding yourself in Medicine, a conversation with Dr. Asli Buyukkurt

6 Mar 2023

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Asli Buyukkurt, a fourth year resident in Neurology at McGill. Dr. Buyukkurt completed a B.Sc. in neuroscience and went on to pursue her medical training at McGill University. We talk about her path to finding her passion for medical education, staying well and finding your professional identity, CaRMs matching and more. 

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Podcast #19: Medical Assistance In Dying, Wellbeing and Emergency Medicine – tying it all together with Dr. Singh-Saluja

15 Dec 2022

In this episode, we are joined by  Dr. Singh Saluja and co-host Rachel Szwimer, a current fourth-year medical student at McGill. Dr. Singh is an Emergency Physician who has recently become involved in Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) administration. Here we discuss his path to becoming a MAiD provider, how this intersects with his role in the ED and how he manages his wellness in both of these spheres. Listen to learn more!

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Podcast #18: CaRMS: What to expect, how to prepare and the importance of staying well in the process

10 Oct 2022

In this episode, we are joined by two current residents: Madison Le Gallee, a family medicine resident at McGill and Gray Meckling, a second year psychiatry resident at the University of Ottawa. We discuss their experiences going through the CaRMs match, how they prepared, what they learned and how they stayed well in the process. Listen to learn more!

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Podcast #17: Figuring out “how to get to where we want to go”, a discussion about mentorship and life in medicine with Dr. Justin Sanders

05 June 2022

Dr. Sanders is a Family Doctor and the chair of Palliative Medicine at McGill University. In this episode of the podcast we discuss the various decision points in his life and how they have influenced his career and outlook today. We talk about challenges and failures, and how these can be viewed constructively. Dr. Sanders shares advice he has received during his career and we talk about promoting a culture of wellness in medicine. Listen to learn more!

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Podcast #16: Exploring work, life and spiritual practice with Dr. Soham Rej

30 Mar 2022

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the compatibility of spiritual practice and striving professionally and the role of work in one’s life (and when it can become pathological). We also explore mindfulness and deep meditative states that can be achieved on retreat. Dr. Rej invites us to critically reflect on the role of physicians as healers, and whether our modern understanding of the profession is compatible with its original intention. Tune in to learn more!

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Podcast #15: Wellness in clerkship, CaRMs and residency with Dr. Sabina Freiman

20 Jan 2022

Let’s talk about the stress of medical training. In this episode, we discuss the challenges that can arise as a trainee with Dr. Sabina Freiman, a current internal medicine resident at UBC in Vancouver, BC. She provides insight into her personal journey, and how she manages it all as a resident, mentor and co-chair of the residency wellness committee. 

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Podcast #14: Navigating failure with Dr. Juliana Mahood

14 Nov 2021

Failure is uncomfortable for everyone, but it can be especially uncomfortable for medical learners. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Mahood, a family doctor and Osler fellow to McGill medical students about her path in medicine and some of challenges and failures along the way. 

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Podcast #13: Palliative Care and Grief with Dr. Golda Tradounsky

20 Sep 2021

What is grief in medicine and how can we can we skillfully hold the grief of patients that we treat? What are the best ways to navigate relationships with patients in palliative care? And how do we make sure we are looking after ourselves in the process? The answers to all these questions and more in a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Golda. 

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Podcast #12: Whole person care and Mindful Medical Practice with Dr. Mark Smilovitch

07 July 2021

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Mark Smilovitch, a cardiologist and associate professor at the McGill Faculty of Medicine. During this discussion we discuss mindfulness as a clinical competence, the role of informal mindfulness practices, the Mindful Medical Practice course at McGill and more!

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Podcast #11 Le Yoga – Un protecteur Contre l’Usure d’Empathie – Léa Levert-Gagnon

25 May 2021

Bienvenue à notre deuxième partie de notre balado avec Léa Levert-Gagnon. Aujourd’hui, nous discutons les notions d’usure d’empathie et de traumatisme vicariant, comment le yoga peut nous en protéger, et bien plus encore… Pour nos nouveaux auditeurs, n’oubliez pas d’écouter la première partie de notre conversation avec Léa sur notre site web Mindful Medical Learner!

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Podcast #10: Prendre Soin de Notre Outil de Travail – Léa Levert-Gagnon

05 April 2021

Léa est la conseillère en bien-être du Bureau SOURCES de la Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé de l’Université McGill, Campus Outaouais. Léa vise à aider ses clients à découvrir leurs propres ressources et à développer des outils afin d’être plus créatifs et flexibles dans leurs façons de s’adapter aux différents obstacles de la vie. Une plongée en profondeur dans le rôle de la pleine conscience dans le soutien aux apprenants en médecine et bien plus encore.

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Podcast #9: Mindfulness and Addiction – Derek De Braga 

22 February 2021

How do mindfulness based interventions apply to substance misuse and addictions? Listen to find out more from expert mental health therapist, Derek De Braga. 

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Podcast #8: The Language of Medicine – Dr. Abraham Fuks

23 January 2021

Dr. Abraham Fuks completed his medical training at McGill University and went on to specialize in Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the role of language in medicine and how it impacts the patient physician relationship

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Podcast #7: Managing Anxiety – Dr. Joe Flanders

21 December 2020

Dr. Joe Flanders is a clinical psychologist and founder of the wellbeing organization, Mindspace. In this episode of the podcast we discuss how mindfulness can play a role in the management of anxiety, and the mechanism that might explain its usefulness.  

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Podcast #6: Pediatric Palliative Care – Dr. Stephen Liben

24 November 2020

Dr. Stephen Liben is a pediatric palliative care physician, professor of Pediatrics at McGill University and also a faculty member of McGill Programs in Whole Person Care. In this podcast we discuss his ideas about accessing mindfulness, and its role in supporting patients who are grieving. 

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Podcast #5: Mindfulness for Teens – Dr. Dzung Vo

21 October 2020

Dr. Dzung Vo is an Adolescent Medicine specialist currently based in Vancouver, BC. He has developed several mindfulness-based curricula including Mindful Awareness and Resilience Skills for Adolescents program (MARS-A) for teens with chronic medical conditions and Mindful Healing for health care professionals. In this podcast, we discuss why mindfulness is uniquely useful to teens, and how we can utilize it in clinical practice. 

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Podcast #4: The shifting paradigm of Mindfulness in Medicine – Dr. Mark Sherman

27 September 2020

Dr. Mark Sherman is a family physician based in Victoria, British Columbia. He has training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is the Executive Director of the BC Association for Living Mindfully (BCALM) as well as the founder of Living this Moment. During this podcast we discuss the changing culture of wellness in medicine (for the better), ways to encourage wellness amongst physicians and medical trainees, how to initiate conversations about mindfulness with our patients and more!

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Podcast #3: The role of Mindfulness in Medicine – Dre Thanh-Lan Ngô, Dre Andréanne Elie, Dre Suzanne Paquette

25 August 2020

D’une pierre, trois coups! Joignez-nous pour un balado mémorable en compagnie de trois psychiatres qui ont su amener les bénéfices de la pleine conscience autant à leurs patients qu’à leurs collègues. 

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Podcast # 2: Mindfulness in Medicine – Dr. Allen Steverman

02 July 2020

Dr. Allen Steverman is a physician with a focus in chronic pain management and the use of mindfulness based interventions for chronic pain. During this podcast we discuss mindfulness and its utility for medical learners and the role of mindfulness in chronic pain management… 

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Mindfulness in Medicine – A conversation with Dr. Tom Hutchinson (Live Event)

19 May 2020
During this live (and unrecorded event) Dr. Tom Hutchinson spoke about the role of mindfulness in physician and medical trainee wellbeing and its utility in direct patient care…

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