Podcast #12: Mindful Medical Practice with Dr. Mark Smilovitch

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Dr. Mark Smilovitch is a Cardiologist and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. His involvements in medical education at McGill include contributions to the physicianship curriculum, professionalism, Whole Person Care and Mindful Medical Practice (MMP).

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss:

  • 00:50 Introduction – Dr. Smilovitch’s professional life
  • 2:10 How Dr. Smilovitch became interested in mindfulness
  • 3:20 Dr. Smilovitch’s definition of mindfulness
  • 4:40 Informal and formal meditation practices that Dr. Smilovitch engages in such as morning pages by Julia Cameron and improv
  • 8:00 Improvisation and mindfulness
  • 11:10 Mindfulness and Mcgill Medicine
  • 14:05 The Mindful Medical Practice Course and how it has been adapted to the pandemic
  • 18:18 Mindfulness as a clinical competence
  • 22:20 Exercises done in the MMP course
  • 25:15 Whole person care and mindfulness
  • 28:00 Healing and the experience of illness in medicine
  • 30:00 Examples of mindfulness in patient interactions
  • 34:00 Dr. Smilovitch’s personal practice during the pandemic
  • 38:80 Final thoughts from The House of God by Samuel Shem

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