Podcast #13 Dr. Golda Tradounsky: A mindful approach to palliative care and grief

Dr. Golda Tradounsky is a family and palliative care physician who oversees care for patients and their families as the Head of the Palliative Care Services at Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal.  She was previously the Director of Education for Palliative Care McGill and she currently serves as the Director of Research in palliative care at Mount Sinai.  She is passionate about her palliative care practice and mentoring residents and medical students.

We discuss:

  • 00:12 – Introduction 
  • 00:27 – What Dr. Golda does at McGill University and Mount Sinai Hospital 
  • 04:10 –  Why Dr. Golda chose to pursue family medicine and palliative care 
  • 10:05 –  Defining palliative care and its importance 
  • 15:44 –  The importance of personal wellness as medical providers 
  • 24:24 – How to maintain physical and psychological wellness  
  • 31:44 – Defining grief and how to cope with it 
  • 39:59 – Communicating about grief  
  • 47:28 – Advice for facing loss in life  
  • 50:58 – Final thoughts and what students entering palliative care should know 

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