Podcast #15: Wellness in clerkship, CaRMs and residency with Dr. Sabina Freiman

Dr. Sabina Freiman is a Vancouver-based Internal Medicine resident who originally completed her medical education at the University of Toronto. She has experience in the mentorship and guidance of medical students and currently co-chairs the residency wellness committee at UBC. In this podcast we discuss common challenges during training and some useful strategies to overcome them.

We discuss:

  • 00:13 – Introduction
  • 1:22 – Dr. Freiman’s path to medicine
  • 3:49 – Why Dr. Freiman chose Internal Medicine as her career
  • 7:25 – Navigating medical school and therapy
  • 11:03 – A personal story about the challenges of clerkship and matching to residency
  • 18:27 – A critical takeaway lesson about choosing one’s speciality in medicine
  • 20:52 – Advice about navigating the residency application process
  • 28:08 – Staying well and thriving in medicine and residency
  • 34:38 – Dr. Freiman’s involvement with the Residency Wellness Committee
  • 38:57 – Attitudes towards wellness in medicine at UBC
  • 41:57 – Mindfulness as a strategy to cope with stress and anxiety in medicine
  • 49:00 – Reflections
  • 50:12 – Dr. Freiman’s concluding advice to those going through clerkship

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