Podcast #14: Navigating failure in medicine with Dr. Juliana Mahood

Dr. Juliana Mahood is Montreal-based McGill University-affiliated family physician who originally completed her medical education at McGill. She is extensively engaged in the mentorship and guidance of medical students at McGill university, particularly through her role as an Osler fellow, where she mentors 5 medical students throughout the students’ 4 years of training.

We discuss:

  • 0:12 – Introduction
  • 00:38 – What Dr. Mahood does at McGill University and Saint Mary’s Hospital
  • 1:05 – What led Dr. Mahood to pursue medicine and to be where she is today
  • 3:40 – How Dr. Mahood chose Family Medicine as a specific career path
  • 5:04 – The inspiration for mentoring medical students
  • 8:25 – An important moment of failure in medical school, and its key lessons
  • 15:20 – Strategies for staying well mentally and physically, as a medical professional
  • 20:16 – The role of mindfulness in medicine
  • 25:02 – Developing mindfulness in everyday life outside of the medical environment
  • 30:16 – The role of hobbies and extracurricular interests in having a healthylifestyle
  • 34:34 – Concluding remarks
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