Podcast #7: Mindfulness to Manage Anxiety with Dr. Flanders

Dr. Joe Flanders is a clinical psychologist who obtained his PhD in Clinical Psychology from McGill University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is also an assistant professor in the Psychology Department at McGill University and the founder and director of Mindspace, a well-being organization in Montreal.

We discuss:

  • What Dr. Flanders does professionally (1:17)
  • A little bit about Dr. Flander’s path to incorporating mindfulness into his professional life (2:30)
  • A little bit about Mindspace and its mission, and why it’s unique (6:05)
  • Defining anxiety and different types of anxiety, why anxiety is not a clinical term but rather a mood state (8:35)
  • Why anxiety can be an appropriate response to various circumstances (11:35)
  • What is the evidence or lack there of mindfulness based interventions in anxiety (12:29)
  • MBSR – what it is, how it is useful to tolerate discomfort and why that applies in managing anxious mood states (13:12)
  • MBCT – what is it, and how it is utilized today in the real world (14:25)
  • Other mindfulness based interventions that can be utilized as general skill building interventions (15:30)
  • The mechanisms of how mindfulness is useful in coping with anxiety (16:13)
  • Decentering as a skill for managing anxiety (17:00)
  • Practical mindfulness based techniques for reducing anxiety (acutely and preventatively) (19:45)
  • The interplay between individual and group based mindfulness therapies (23:00)
  • Meditation as a skill (27:38)
  • Selecting patients who will benefit from a mindfulness based intervention (29:00)
  • Covid-19, anxiety and the impacts of the pandemic on mental well-being (31:29)
  • How Dr. Flanders’ own mindfulness practice has shifted as a result of the pandemic (and the power of walking) (36:40)

Follow Dr. Flanders

Mindspace: www.mindspacewellbeing.com  
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeflanders/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoeflanders 
Facebook: drjoeflanders page 
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