Review: Insight Timer

Name: Insight Timer
Guide: Over 45,000 free guided meditations from various sources
Price: The majority of the app can be accessed totally free of charge with an option for membership that unlocks hundreds of courses and premium features (offline mode for example).
Features: Access playlists for guided sleep meditation, those addressing stress and anxiety and a basic timer. There is also the ability to create a network on the platform and connect with other meditators. Offered in multiple languages (french included)
User-friendliness: Intuitive and easy to navigate to categorized meditations
Mindfulness topics: Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Music, Parents and more
Narration quality: Varies by teacher (and there so many, many teachers!)

Insight timer was the first meditation app that I used and it was extremely supportive in helping me create a more regular meditation practice. I really like that you can connect with fellow meditators and meditate “together” virtually. The free version of the app is comprehensive and has all the meditations that you could need! I really like the option to just use a simple timer – you even have the option to choose the sound of the bell that signals the end of the meditation! Additionally, there are thousands of teachers on the app so there is something for everyone. Sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming but the free version of this app is one of the best out there! – Zoe

© Illustration by Yukyung Kang
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